We’re an outsourced strategy & execution firm focused on catalyzing sales for software start-ups. We have a wide variety of expertise, across different key functions within early-stage software companies.

The industrial revolution changed the world as we once knew it, and at SparkUp.io we believe that the software revolution is changing the world as we know it, once more. Go-to-market strategies are also adapting. This time, at unprecedented speeds.

      • We are passionate about marketing, sales, and business operations. And work to develop, execute, and optimize across these 3 different key functions of business. 
      • We are experienced in early-stage software startup companies across a wide variety of industries and use-cases.
      • We understand the make-or-break importance of being nimble and flexible.
      • We take contentment in opening doors of opportunities to to aid our clients in generating more revenue.
      • We help you fill in the gaps, in the most flexible of ways, when and how you need it.
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