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The SparkUp journey aims to improve your performance by building your brain’s neuroplasticity

The SparkUp Journey
Powered by neuroplasticity
Powered by neuroplasticity - the incredible power of the brain to shape itself through continual learning, over-writing and re-learning, throughout adulthood.

Unique daily Insights from suggestions
SparkUp uniquely creates suggestions for the rest of your day to build a network of activities into your life that continues the creation of synapses and neural pathways over time, not just in the app.

Meditations and visualizations
The following meditations and visualizations are designed to be practiced in this precise order, and until they are fully integrated into your daily practice, to maximize your brain power, increase your agility of thinking and bring sustained and exponential benefits to your brain.
Deepening Levels

For each of the four dimensions, there will be a number of levels that help you integrate your productivity enhancing neuroplasticity. The four levels are physical wellbeing, emotional balance, mental agility, and spiritual connectedness.


Future proof against burnout, build resilience, hone your brain-body connection, and integrate your senses, including interoception.


Stay focused for longer and motivated throughout challenging times. Raise sub-conscious limiting beliefs to conscious to over-turn potential barriers to your success.


Improve risk appetite and fine-tune decision making. Optimise your brain through emotional regulation.


Connect to your deepest values and integrity, improve connection in relation to others, feel the impact of your actions on the wider community and your environment.

Integration and transcendence

When the basic principles in each section have become deeply embedded habits, you will be taken to the next level in terms of accessing the limitless potential of your brain.

Simple pricing plan
The SparkUp Performance Journey

Yearly SparkUp Performance Journey

$ 15 USD 1 year access to SparkUp
  • Neuroscience Performance improvements in Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual states | Level 1
  • Neuroscience Performance improvements in Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual states | Level 2
  • Automated sign up and notification for ongoing levels of Neuroscience Performance improvements in Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual states
  • Access to live library of articles, videos and blogs on Neuroscience and Performance
  • Personalised Power Mantra based on your Meditation profile and progress
Fully experience design agency
Use neuroscience to further develop and program your brain for good

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change itself constantly by creating new neural pathways and pruning those which are no longer used. Encouraging the brain’s neuroplasticity is the key to sustained adult learning and emotional intelligence, which will help the brain remain open-minded, intuitive and able to overcome biases throughout adulthood.

SparkUp is not just a meditation app. It is a set of guided exercises and primers to substantially improve your performance at work and in life. It is underpinned by neuroplasticity, and that’s what makes it unique.

Keeping your brain agile and flexible allows you to think, recall, ideate, plan, adapt and recharge at a superior level. It also contributes to improved mental health and protects against cognitive decline.

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